The Action „European Network on NMR Relaxometry” resulted in developing a research network focused on NMR relaxometry for fundamental and applied sciences concerned with molecular and ionic dynamics of soft and hard matter.

NMR relaxometry possesses the unique ability to reveal the mechanisms of molecular motion and their characteristic times over a huge range of time scales from picosecond to millisecond, with selectivity in probing the dynamics of molecular and ionic species. This potential of NMR relaxometry has been developed with applications to advanced material science and industry, medical diagnostics and therapeutics, agri-food and  environmental science and technologies.

NMR relaxometry is a scientific and technological asset of Europe. The joint effort of scientists contributing to the Action across disciplines (chemistry, physics, material science and others), of medical doctors and engineers has allowed efficient exploitation of NMR relaxometry in fields that are key challenges in Europe, such as early disease detection, energy sources and storage, advanced tuneable materials, food quality.

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