Eng. Maïda Cardoso
BioNanoNMRI group, University of Montpellier (Montpellier Cedex, France)
+33 778458859
Research interests: 
I am working on the development of NMR imaging at the BioNanoNMRI user facility. As an engineer my purpose is to follow users (public and private lab) to carry out their studies in MRI. The goal is to develop the methodology and help users to a better understanding of all the NMR possibilities and choose the right methods for each subject. The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance relaxometry is one of the methods we promote, particularly in plant physiology to quantify and measure the flow of water in plants. In the context of global warming, one of the most important issue is to find new eco-physiological biomarkers to understand how plants respond to biotic and abiotic constraints.