Prof. Tomaž Apih
J. Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Research interests: 
My research interests broadly cover structure and dynamics of disordered and partially ordered soft and condensed matter at the atomic and molecular level. The purpose of these investigations is to discover the basic laws of physics governing the behavior of these systems, which represent the link between perfectly ordered crystals on one side and amorphous matter, soft condensed matter and living systems on the other. Additionally, I'm interested in developing and popularizing magnetic and quadrupole resonance spectroscopy and relaxometry techniques for applied use in medicine and pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the 'exotic' category. An important part of my work involves fusion of nuclear quadrupole resonance and field cycling techniques, with applications such as illicit materials and pharmaceutical polymorphs detection, enhancing NQR signals by field cycling, and nuclear quadrupole double resonance (NQDR).