Prof. Jadwiga Tritt-Goc
Polish Academy of Sciences
Research interests: 
Increase the knowledge of the dynamics of ionic liquids, (and other electrolytes) and liquid crystals in bulk and confined in matrices (e.g., in polymers, molecular gels). Especially to understand the interactions on the solid-liquid interfaces and their influence on the molecular motions of confined species. Correlate the conducting properties of electrolytes with the ionic dynamics. Finally, explained an increase of the electric conductivity observed for some electrolytes confined in the solid matrix as compared with corresponding species in bulk. Exploring a possibility to correlate the conducting properties of nanocrystalline cellulose doped with imidazole (the solid proton conducting electrolytes) with the proton dynamics characterized by the FFC Relaxometry data. The possibility of applying the FFC Relaxometry methods for authentication purposes e.g., to detect fraud in oils and wines. Studying the processes of aging of foods. Exploring a possibility to detect an influence of an industrial processing (e.g., freezing, storage, bleaching) on the dynamical modifications of foods.