Prof. Valentina Domenici
Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale (Pisa, Italy)
Research interests: 
I work in the field of physical chemistry of soft materials, mainly by applying spectroscopic techniques. I’m responsible of the SMS LAB (Soft Matter Spectroscopy LAB in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pisa). The objects of my recent researches are, in particular: a) new liquid crystalline mesophases, b) liquid crystalline elastomers, c) functionalized nanoparticles for biomedical and analytical applications (both imaging and sensing), d) food (olive oil, honey, pollen, …). I’m mainly interested on applications of NMR relaxometry on different kind of materials. I have several connections with other groups involved in this COST Action (from Portugal, Sweeden and Slovenia). This is the link to my publications: This is the link to my web-pages: &