Dr. Jean-Pierre Korb
Sorbonne Université, Laboratoire PHENIX (Paris, France)
33 6 7149 37 67
Research interests: 
I am an Emeritus Director of Research (DR1) at the CNRS. I am now working in the Physics of confined fluids using mainly low field and fast field cycling nuclear magnetic relaxation at PHENIX laboratory at UPMC-Paris 6, France. My recent scientific activity is at the interfaces of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. My works led also to numerous industrial applications (cements, concretes, food stuffs and oil recovery), with supports from Total, Lafarge, Bouygues, Rhodia, Schlumberger, IFP, CEA and ATILH. My main expertise consists in developing original NMR relaxation methods in variable magnetic fields for characterization the structure and dynamics of liquids in micropoous media. These methods have mainly concerned changes of physical properties like enhancement of viscosity, layering of molecular density and shifts of phase transitions due to the fluid confinement. I have also developed numerous original NMR applications for probing water-molecule dynamics, at the interfaces of proteins and living tissues in relation to the origin of the contrast of magnetic resonance imaging.