Dr. Juan Miguel López del Amo
Parque Tecnologico C/ Albert Einstein, 48 (Miñano (Álava), Spain)
+34 945297108
Research interests: 
The solid state NMR platform at CIC Energigune is mainly dedicated to the research and development of new materials for energy storage applications. In the particular case of batteries, a particular research effort is undergoing in our laboratory for the development of all solid state devices required to avoid the safety hazards associated to organic electrolytes. Fast Li+ and Na+ ion conducting ceramic materials and ceramic-polymeric composites are the materials of choice to be implemented as electrolytes in next generation solid batteries. Our NMR platform is strongly interested and dedicated to the implementation of solid state NMR relaxation techniques for the characterization and quantification of the Li+/Na+ hoping rates in ceramic materials as ionic conductivity is a key parameter in the electrochemical performance of solid electrolytes. Variable temperature systems are for this purpose implemented in a WB 500 MHz spectrometer in order to perform variable temperature and frequency-dependent measurement of the spin-lattice relaxation rates in the laboratory and rotating frames. Among our facilities, our solid state NMR platform is equipped with a low field magnet (200 MHz) with a 1.3 mm rotor capability that enables spinning at frequencies as high as 67 kHz. This NMR system is therefore optimized to perform measurements of paramagnetic compounds normally used as cathode materials. Since ion dynamics in electrodes is also an important parameter required for the understanding of electrochemical performance, we are also interested in the development of NMR relaxation techniques in the characterization of such dynamics in paramagnetic compounds.