Rahima Sidi-Boulenouar, PhD student
BioNanoNMRI group, University of Montpellier (Montpellier Cedex, France)
+33 605553141
Research interests: 
I am working on the development of innovative instrumentation based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance relaxometry at low magnetic field (8mT) to quantify and measure the contenant and the flow of water in tomato and sorghum plants directly in the fields. This methodology allows us to seek new eco-physiological biomarkers for understand how plants respond to biotic and abiotic constraints in the context of global warming. Before going to the fields, a dedicated NMR device at laboratory for living plants has been implemented in a climatic chamber which allows a careful control and modification of the environmental parameters during the experimentation over long periods of time. The modification of the NMR relaxation parameters during day / night cycles are studied in normal and abiotic stress conditions. The goal is to make these experiments easy to replicate in order to transport NMR-1H in fields to access to a large palette of agronomics plants of interest : sorghum, tomato, vineyards.