Dr. Eliana Gianolio
University of Torino, Dept. Molecular Biotechnologies and Health Science (Torino, Italy)
Research interests: 
My research interests are based principally on the study of the dynamic and structural properties of paramagnetic metal complexes (Gd- and Mn-based) with potential applications in MR‐Molecular Imaging. Particular attention is devoted to their interactions with biological macromolecular systems in both in vitro cellular and in vivo animal models. Particular interest has been devoted along the years to the development of new MRI contrast agents endowed with high relaxivity and specificity towards particular target molecules for the detection of tumour cells as well as in the study of new probes responsive towards bio‐parameters of interest (pH, enzymatic activity, hypoxia). I’m co‐author of 82 peer‐reviewed papers, 6 book chapters and 1 patent.