Ieva Goldberga, PhD student
Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
+44 7598 935 263
Research interests: 
I am a second-year PhD student at Cambridge University working under the supervision of Prof. Melinda Duer. My project involves finding the most suitable solid-state NMR methods to study both the fast and slow dynamics of collagen matrices. My interests include solid-state NMR and its applications to structural and dynamic studies of biological materials; cell culturing and sample preparation; use of molecular dynamics calculations. I've been familiar with the solid-state NMR field for almost 3-years now. My undergraduate masters project involved theoretical studies of basic nuclear magnetic resonance theory; learning programming of new pulse sequence, troubleshooting and testing it; use of SIMPSON simulation package. During my PhD I have further familiarized myself with relaxation time measurements, line-shape analysis, exchange-based NMR methods and its applications to study protein dynamics.