Prof. Nurettin Sahiner
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Sciences & Arts, Chemistry Department (Canakkale, Turkey)
+90 286 218 0018/ 2041 (Office) / +90 5412143510
Research interests: 
-Synthesis and characterization of polymeric intelligent materials and responsive hydrogels, cryogels, and their application in separation, drug delivery, pharmaceuticals and tissue engineering. -Super porous cryogels and their use as template for in situ conductive polymers preparation poly(aniline), poly(thiophene), and poly(pyrrole) for sensor and device applications. -Hyper porous aerogels derived from Graphene Oxide, Carbon nanotube, and Carbon particles for gas sensor, storage and CO2 capture, and device applications -Polyphenolic particles derived from flavonoids and natural polyphenolics with antioxidant, antibacterial and anticancer properties. -Design and development of nanoparticles, nanogels and nanocomposites for controlled release and guided delivery of biomedical species, active agents and drugs. -Polymeric composite derived from clays, graphene, carbon nanotubes, carbon particles and metal nanoparticles for engineering and sensors for fast response and actuations purposes versatile use. -Application of nano/micro structured materials porous materials such as COF, MOF and composites in gas sensors, gas separation and storage, CO2 capture. -Natural and Synthetic polymers for energy and environmental applications. -Development and fabrication of selective-separation system using polymeric materials for recovery and removal of heavy metal ions, rare elements, and organic species from aqueous media and wastewater treatment. -Design and devise of specific catalyst system for H2 production and their application nanotechnology, bionano-technology for specific task. -In situ preparations of metal nanoparticles and quantum dots in synthetic and biomaterials and their utilizations in the environment, health and energy. -Ionic liquids, macro, micro and nano polymeric ILs and particles for applications in sensor for CO2, CH4, H2, NH3 and HCl. The use of ILs in energy, environment and catalysts. -Design and application of polymeric and natural catalyst that are alternative to metal nanoparticles.