Prof. Daniel Jirak
Institute of Biophysics and Informatics, 1st Medicine Faculty, Charles University (Prague 2, Czech Republic)
MR Unit, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (Prague 4, Czech Republic)
Research interests: 
I have worked at the Radiology department of Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague as a scientist and at the Institute of biophysics and informatics of 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague where I teach medical biophysics. My research is focused on molecular imaging, particularly magnetic resonance imaging. I work mostly on imaging of transplanted cells (stem cells, pancreatic islets) in various animal models and human studies where we monitor cell biodistribution and migration. To visualize cells by magnetic resonance and optical imaging, contrast agents are needed for cell labelling. I am interested in testing of new multimodal contrast agents and my aim is to help to develop agents which would reflect also functional stage of labelled cells and could serve as theranostic agents (diagnostic and therapeutic function), especially in tumour therapy.