Dr. Isabelle Pianet
IRAMAT-CRP2A, Maison de l’Archéologie Esplanade des Antilles 33600 PESSAC (Pessac, France)
+33 5 57124565, +33 681477053
Research interests: 
I am currently developing NMR for archaeological purposes, notably to identify the geographic origin of stones such as flints or marbles that provides key information on trade and economic patterns. The first NMR investigations performed lead me rapidly to relaxation measurements using solid state NMR: the T1 relaxation time of the major component of flints (SiO4- through 29Si NMR signature) or marbles (CaCO3 through 13C signature) is a crucial data reflecting the amount of secondary or even traces elements that determines stones provenance. The second aspect that I want to develop in a near future is the use of portable NMR instruments that enable non-invasive and non-destructive studies on items of high historical values.