Dr. Marco Filice
National Research Centre for Cardiovascular Disease (CNIC)
Biomedical Research Networking Center for Respiratory Diseases (CIBERES) (Madrid, Spain)
(+34) 91 4531200 Ext 4105
Research interests: 
In general, my main research line is focused on the design of advanced nanotechnology-based diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for biomedical application. One line expects the design of ex-vivo protocols as an attractive and alternative solution for the development and widespread use of point-of-care (POC) diagnostics. This research line is represented by the undergoing development of a novel biosensing platform based on the Magnetic Relaxation Switching of tailor-made functionalized magnetic nanoparticles (as proximity sensors) as a result of the detection of circulating miRNA (as biomarker) in patients’ blood samples (liquid biopsy concept). The second line concerns the preparation of novel hybrid nanocarriers acting simultaneously as contrast agent for in-vivo multimodal molecular imaging (e.g. 1H/19F-MRI, PET/CT and Fluorescence) as well as therapeutic tool (theragnosis), paying special attention to the nanometrology and nanotoxicology issues.