Prof. Claudio Luchinat
Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM/CIRMMP) and Department of Chemistry University of Florence (Florence, Italy)
+39 055 4574 296
Research interests: 
Since the late 70s I am working in the field of the characterization of paramagnetic complexes through relaxometry measurements. I contributed to the development of the theory for the analysis of the relaxometry profiles, to the development of the fast field cycling relaxometer, and analyzed the experimental profiles of a number of systems. Among them, particularly important are the gadolinium(III) complexes as potential contrast agents for MRI. I contributed to the development of the theory for the NMR of paramagnetic systems. I exploited the effects of paramagnetic coupling in dimetallic systems to the shift and relaxation of the NMR signals. I deeply investigated the advantages provided by the use of the paramagnetic NMR data for the characterization of protein structures and dynamics, and developed approaches and tools for their optimal use. My research interests include bioinorganic chemistry, structural biology, development of NMR-based structural methodologies in solution and in the solid state, metalloproteins and metalloenzymes, spectroscopy, theory of electron and nuclear relaxation, NMR of paramagnetic species, relaxometry, contrast agents, and NMR-based analytical method.